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How we roll....... partnering with our clients

When I commenced auditing, it occurred to me that many providers were purchasing "off the shelf" policies and procedures and heading to audit, believing they had the golden ticket to obtain registration. The issue that they did not realise, is that ticket is pointless- unless those procedures are understood and implemented. And of course they have evidence of implementation.

This is my why. This is why I have a consultancy company. This is my point of difference.

The aim of my company is to take my clients on a journey of partnering with us, to develop their policies, to learn about the policies and to walk into their audit with confidence. We do this through a 7 week program including weekly zoom meetings of discussing policies, training staff, developing business plans, working through risk management and undertaking a mini-audit.

Our process is only for those providers who are committed to quality, safety of clients and staff, and to making their service the best in the industry. There is no room for shortcuts - and if they are after a shortcut, then we are not the consultancy service for them.

My happiest days at work are when my clients call me to tell me about their day at audit. They are proud of their systems and keen to tell the auditor all about them.

We call our clients our Makepeace & Co family. We continue ongoing long term relationships with them and love watching them thrive and supporting them through growth. We tell them straight if we see them starting to slack off in governance, or if their organisational structure is not supporting their growth. We are as passionate about our clients success as they are about supporting participants, our common denominator.

That's how we roll.....

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