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Managing Client and worker infection amongst Covid 19

As the penny is starting to drop on the non-believers and people who bury their heads in the sand (including me), it is clear now that the hype is well......... not just hype. For some of us, we can continue to work, taking our offices into our lounge- rooms, dining tables and outdoor settings but for those people delivering essential services, like Aged Care Packages and NDIS participants, it is a different story. They are on the frontline of the war. Clients need their services to keep them alive and to remain well both physically and mentally. Some will not understand the disruption to their lives and will suffer on a range of levels. As employers and owners of businesses that provide essential services, how can you continue business as usual keeping both your employee's safe, as well as your clients? With people choosing to self isolate and the scarcity of PPE, it is becoming more and more challenging. Did you know that the most common place to get an infection is in a hospital or a healthcare setting? Infection prevention and control is so important for the protection of our staff, participants and their families. The cost: in dollars and human resources of having a large-scale illness impact your business can be huge. Good infection control can reduce or limit its impact. Infection control can be described as a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection. The guiding principle is to assume everyone is infectious, not just now with COVID -19 present, but always. There are multiple ways infections can be spread but let’s concentrate on droplet transmission this is how colds, flu and COVID -19 is transferred. These contagions are passed via droplet transmission, a cough or a sneeze, these droplets land on surfaces, on the person who coughed into their hands or in the air while they are talking/sneezing. We touch surfaces that others with an infection may have touched, we travel in the train with people with a cold, we shake hands or sometimes kiss a friend. We can’t isolate ourselves in our homes for protection permanently. So what can we do? Makepeace & Co are offering an online video link session with a qualified and practicing Nurse and Lead Auditor, Kylie Hanley, to discuss your specific business requirements in these trying times. Kylie works on the forefront of nursing and her auditing work takes her into new and longer term service providers where she see's first hand, the risks that are faced on a day to day basis. She understands how policies and procedures are implemented into practice and how they safeguard your business. If you would like to arrange a session with Kylie and your team, please call Sherri on 0439 659232 or email at to schedule in your session today.

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